Why Regent Assay?

Regent Assay has over 30 years experience and a track record of over 500 transactions in the Technology and Healthcare sector.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Daily Contact

Our team are in daily contact with the marketplace and its leaders.

The interaction gives us first hand intelligence on general conditions and emerging trends.

This, together with our formal research activities, enables us to provide proprietary advice to our clients.

Access to our Company Database

Our company databases are some of the most comprehensive in the technology industry.

In undertaking formal searches for potential targets, we can be sure to identify all likely acquisitions that will optimise the business’ future profits.

This process is then supplemented with daily input from our executives.

Strong Deal Execution Skills

The management of time and momentum of the deal is vital to the success of a transaction.

Our role is to ensure that both the buyer and the seller understand the stages of the process and that the time expectations are managed.

We have strong deal execution skills which help to keep the process in line with the timetable.

Third Party Opinion

As a third party to the proposed transaction, we are able to take a partly detached view on the overall benefits of the deal, and also any potential problems.

On many occasions we have counselled against an acquisition when we consider that the risks to ultimate success are too high.

Track Record

Regent Assay has been successfully advising firms in the mid market on accelerating their growth organically or by acquisition for more than 30 years.

We have completed over 500 transactions and we can bring all that experience and intellectual capital to support your corporate development

Have a look at a selection of transaction advisory work we have carried out for clients in a variety of sectors.

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