Telecoms, Media & Technology

Digitalisation is a powerful trend reshaping and disrupting business models in almost every industry. The rapidly increasing intelligence and speed of information and communication technology and related software applications is transforming the way we work, communicate and consume. Whereas market structures and drivers are different in almost every sub-sector, digital technology offers fascinating growth opportunities for entrepreneurial creativity which in turn fuels M&A activity.


Regent Assay has a deep understanding of these industries with a team focused specifically on transactions in this space for over 30 years. We have detailed proprietary knowledge of all transactions within TMT that has involved a European entity since 1989 and publish monthly, quarterly and annual newsletters on the market.

TMT sectors we cover include:


  • Computers & Peripherals
  • Office Equipment, Phones & Household Electronics
  • Electronic Equipment & Parts
  • Semiconductors & Related Equipment
  • Communications & Networking Equipment
  • Telecommunications Services
  • IT Services & Consulting
  • IT Security
  • Call Centers, Data Processing & Services
  • Wireless & Mobile
  • Software
  • Cloud Software & Services
  • Online Services
  • Internet Software & Services
  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Media, production, printing
  • Broadcasting & Entertainment

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