Regent Assay Corporate Finance is a unique mergers and acquisitions boutique firm offering corporate finance advisory services to a diversified portfolio of high-profile UK and international clients.

Our tailored corporate finance solutions and strategic business advisory and financial consulting services help turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Regent Assay Corporate Finance Services

Regent Assay was created in 2019 from the merger of Assay, a leading mid-market M&A boutique consulting firm and Regent, which since 1989 has provided strategic advisory and financial consulting services to a broad range of business clients in a variety of sectors and industries – having completed in excess of 500 deals during this period, with a particular focus on the TMT sector.

Our successful track record for more than thirty years has been built on the strength of cultivating key connections through solid networks and forming firm relationships with our clients.

Research  has shown that since the mid-1990s boutique investment firms offer investors superior long-term value, and have outperformed the larger strategic finance advisory firms in a number of key measures.

Our entrepreneurial values and partnership structure – as well as partnering closely with our clients – allows for a nimble culture and an innovative, responsive approach to the deals that we facilitate.

Also, first-hand business knowledge and transactional experience in our areas of speciality ensure that our highly qualified finance professionals and transaction advisors are personally invested in aligning interests with, and ensuring, our clients’ long-term success.

Your success is our success.

What is a boutique advisory firm?

In a time and attention-starved world, carefully targeted effort and laser-sharp focus on select promising opportunities nurtured over the longer term offers the most effective strategy for achieving uncommon value and realising a good return on investment.

This is the advantage of using the corporate finance advisory services offered by a boutique financial firm. Instead of trying to be all things to all clients all the time, our purview falls within a very specific range of financial transactions, and our talented portfolio managers and investors do what they do in that spectrum really well.

Our offerings address the individual requirements of specific industries, particular market segments and smaller clients that larger firms cannot assist as effectively.

As a ‘boutique’ financial firm providing niche financial transaction services and personalised  investment management, we meet the unique business finance needs of a wide variety of clients—and handle deals of more varied worth than many other firms in the financial advisory services sphere.

What we don’t do: lending, trading or underwriting.

Regent Assay is your merger and acquisition consulting partner. From strategy phase, to seeking a target business to merge with or acquire, and even the somewhat dreaded due diligence, we’ll get you to a lucrative sale through our business alchemy: you, and us, fusing to create something great.

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