Jasper Private Equity


Jasper is a sister company to Regent Assay that provides Private Equity funding to SME’s.


Jasper is an independently owner managed firm that knows the highs and lows of growing a business.


Our buzz is making good investments with its clients and investment partners and sharing in their success.

We are a highly experienced team, with a strong track record of investing in, growing and enhancing the value of UK businesses.


After investing we provide strategic development and ongoing operational support.


We target businesses with an enterprise value between £0.5 million and £5 million, which tend to fall into one of the following categories:


  • Entrepreneurial private companies – or individuals – that require funding for expansion or a change of ownership
  • Non-core business units within larger groups
  • Businesses that would benefit from operational or strategic change
  • Management buyouts or equity release
  • Owner managed retirement or succession led disposals

Our USP is our appetite to be ‘hands on’ with our investee businesses, actively solving problems and working hand in hand with the management team without ever crossing the non-executive / executive divide.


Where required we have brought together whole new management teams, identifying skill gaps within organisations and introducing suitable resources to address these and deliver the growth strategy.

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