Regent Assay provides advisory services for Private Equity funding to SMEs.

As an independently owner managed firm we know the highs and lows of growing a business.

Our buzz is identifying good investments for our clients and investment partners and sharing in their success.

Private Equity

Our story of business alchemy is defined as the alloying of enterprises, expertise and industry specialists, to ultimately create greater value for the organisations involved.

And there are little other examples of chemistry in commerce that may add more value to a rising business, or its prospective investors, than the matter of private equity funding.

At Regent Assay, we’re an independently owned and managed private equity firm – we know the often volatile nature of growing a business.

So, we can help. In the explosive environment that is the business owner’s world, we’ll assist through savvy investments and partnering to meld our expertise and yours, and drive growth in your space.

What is private equity?

The concept can be split into two components. Let’s detail them here:

A private equity fund is a collective investment scheme that allows limited partners to commit to contributing to entrepreneurial private companies, or individuals, requiring funding.

Regent Assay are your catalyst to the exciting chemistry of investor influence, with the view to sparking eruptive growth.

Within private equity funding, we provide strategic development for all parties, and ongoing operational support – it’s our ‘hands-on’ guarantee to actively solve problems within the business, without ever needlessly traversing the non-executive and executive divide.

We target businesses that typically fall into the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurial private companies or individuals needing funds
  • Non-core business units within larger groups
  • Businesses that will benefit from operational change
  • Businesses undergoing management buyouts or equity release
  • Businesses undergoing the retirement of management, or internal transitions

Within the chemistry and volatility of private equity growth, we’ll reintroduce our special brand of business alchemy – always with the view to creating opportunities for increased value to investors and investees.

We continue to address the following, to do our part in making sure the make-up of our private equity sector remains robust and profitable:


In the private equity space, tax implications are a continuous concern – particularly as governments demand less obfuscation when it comes to firms and partners.

We strive to remain entirely transparent at all times and continue to work to solve tax implication oversights.


We continue to address the full requirements of operations within a private equity business.

These will include the processes set in place and conflicts of interest between investors and investees.

We’ll then report back to all involved on how to improve the general operational structure, to maintain private equity strength in the market. 


Last, but possibly most tangible, is the maintenance of value within the business, for investors and the market.

This means that we’ll work with our portfolio companies to create value through performance in the market – this to maintain overall private equity attractiveness.

Partner today with Regent Assay – let us show you how symbiotic alchemy in business can lead to resounding success for your organisations.

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