Regent Assay is a consulting partner to the private equity industry & its key stakeholders. We advise investors across the entire investment life cycle.

Private Equity Growth

Private equity is showing considerable growth, but always at the mercy and control of the global market, and its volatility.

Regent Assay are your private equity consulting partner – we’re a corporate finance firm advising on private equity, and we endeavour to take on the responsibility of protecting growth in that space.

Through our promise and directive of driving partnerships through business alchemy, for the betterment and profit for all involved, we proactively drive the nurturing of growth in the private equity space – so that you as an investee will always exist in sound symbiosis with your private equity investors.

While protecting the positive chemistry that comes from private equity partnerships, we strive to:

  • Bring together leadership teams
  • Identify and assign resources to fill skill gaps
  • Devise growth strategies, deliver them and craft successes from them

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What is Growth-Stage Private Equity?

Growth-stage private equity exists in the crossroads created by private equity and  .

It’s a manifestation of our business alchemy – we’ll work with you as investee, and your potential investors, to bring value via venture capital and private equity strategies, with the view to improving your operations, and growing your revenue.

This is a growth territory we’ll look to deftly target, and without the high debt use implemented in other growth-stage phases like leverage buyout.

Private Equity Growth – The Risks

As with most investment undertakings, there can be certain risks that come with private equity growth, but those involved with growth equity,  are moderate.

The risks usually align with founder-investor alchemy, and investors usually implement the tools to drive value creation, and team growth.

Some significant risk could come in execution of growth equity investments – which is largely unavoidable – and, once projected expansion happens, the building and implementation of teams and processes to mitigate the resulting pressure is a risk factor, as their sound establishment is vital  to continued function, and investor peace-of-mind.

Private Equity Growth – The Challenges

Within the alchemy of private equity – the growth of such and the nurturing of its fiscal health both organically and via strategies for fundraising through partnered capital sources – there does reside a particular set of financial challenges.

Regent Assay will continue to address the following, to do our part in making sure the make-up of our private equity sector remains robust and profitable:

As your advisors of private equity, we’ll help with the ever-present tax implications.

The government demands less obfuscation when it comes to firms and partners. We will be entirely transparent at all times and continue to work to solve tax implication oversights.

We address the full requirements of operations within a private equity business, from processes set in place to conflicts of interest between investors and investees.

We’ll then give you the data via comprehensive reports to all involved on how to improve the general operational structure, to maintain private equity strength in the market.

In business alchemy, there can only be value and benefit for all.

We’ll advise on how to maintain value within your business, for investors and the market, by working with our portfolio companies to drive performance and to project overall private equity attractiveness.

Regent Assay, as your corporate finance firm advising on private equity, is poised to become the moderating force between investor and investee in the private equity space. Through deft investor management, and savvy strategies for both ambitious start-ups and mature businesses seeking capital, we’ll create chemistry, and then business alchemy, for the financial benefit of all involved.

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