Regent Assay is a consulting partner to the private equity industry & its key stakeholders. We advise investors across the entire investment life cycle.

Private Equity Funding

Sometimes, even the most potentially eruptive formula needs a touch of outside influence to ignite significant change and result.

In the chemistry of business, private equity funding is just such an influence. It’s the injection of capital, via a private scheme made up of interested investors, into private companies, or individuals that require funding.

These private companies or individuals are identified as businesses with the likely potential to provide high rates of return for the investing entity.

In other words, they’re dormant businesses, sitting on formulae that promise explosive returns, but all they need is the fuel and the tinder – in the form of investments – to awaken the chemistry, and turn potential into results.

At Regent Assay, we’re a corporate finance firm that advises on private equity funding. We can help apply the catalyst to bring businesses and the sources of capital they need to change the world, together. We’ll use our expertise to meld investee capability with investor money. It’s business alchemy that can truly make a significant impact.

What is Private Equity Funding

Private equity funding is an investment scheme made up of accredited investors who express interest in, and then contribute to, entrepreneurial entities.

Businesses that are typically identified as those with the potential for a high rate of return are sourced and researched. These businesses need funding to start or continue operations, so they get value in capital investments, and because of their attractive market offering, private equity investors can expect a fast and significant return on investment.

Regent Assay, as your advisors on private equity funding, targets businesses that typically fall into the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurial private companies or individuals needing funds
  • Non-core business units
  • Companies that will benefit from operational change
  • Businesses with instances of management buyouts or equity release
  • Companies undergoing management retirement
  • Companies undergoing internal transitions

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What do Private Equity Firms Do?

As a premier private equity firm, we advise on sound and savvy private equity funding. With an entirely hands-on approach, we’ll solve problems in a transaction, and work closely with the investee business – without breaching the non-executive and executive divide.

What’s more, we’ll work to bring together new management teams, find skill gaps in the business and source the resources that will fill these and deliver growth.

Through our tradition of business alchemy, we strive to grow and enhance the value of UK businesses.

The Types of Private Equity Funds

Let’s talk sterling.

In private equity, there are two types of funds that may be agreed upon:

Collections of potential investors make up these pools, and they’ll invest into early stage and emerging businesses that are the talk of the town – each expected to grow fast and high, with high return on investment potential.

From the perspective of the investee, venture capital funds are an extremely attractive method of raising capital – they don’t have access to big debt amounts.

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This type of private equity funding is usually for established businesses, and they use big investment amounts to ‘leverage’ an attractive rate of return, for a stake in the business.

From the perspective of the investee, this private equity funding is a way to receive big money amounts, quickly – for the price of relinquishing a modicum of control, yes – but with the view to keeping operations healthy.

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Whatever the private equity funding you seek, give Regent Assay a call. Now is the time for business alchemy. We’ll create the chemistry between you, your business, and potential investors, to spark profitable business interactions, and get the results and returns that are beneficial for all parties.

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