Our track record includes steering over 500 Technology, Media, Telecoms, Healthcare, Industrial and Support Services through their corporate finance transactions.

See how our expert transaction advisory services can help bring your organisation’s true value into being.

Our Transaction Approach

Do the deal right and you’ve achieved alchemy. Get it wrong and the result could devalue all of the original components.

If you’re seeking the elusive elixir to achieve next level business success and longevity, you will need to tap into specialised expertise that can steward your organisation smoothly through the frequently intricate processes of corporate finance deals.

Our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and other transaction and deal advisory services include facilitating company acquisition, company divestment, company sale and fundraising management buyout.

We help you deal with all the necessary aspects of corporate and M&A transactions to uncover the valuable potential of your offerings.

Our reputation as a specialist in facilitating corporate finance deals in the Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) sector in particular, is noteworthy.

What are corporate transactions?

Corporate transactions provide the crucible in which your company’s true worth can be forged.

As you consider the various ways you might transmute your organisation from its current form into a more sophisticated and valuable entity or return, it is important not to underestimate the various moving parts required to drive and boost growth through restructuring the business and/or capitalising its deals. These include the legal, finance and accounting, due diligence and corporate governance requirements of corporate transactions.

With much undoubtedly at stake, you can’t afford to make the wrong decisions: you need proficient advice and guidance in the niche area of negotiating and executing complex corporate finance transactions.

We take the basic elements of a corporate deal and apply the necessary formulas and requisite knowledge needed to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

What are corporate finance activities?

Smooth execution of corporate finance activities and transactions such as M&A deals depends on all stakeholders in negotiations being on an equal footing and having all the relevant information needed to make the correct decisions at the right times.

So what makes the finance activities underlying corporate deals such an esoteric area of business practice?

These types of processes require highly qualified and deeply experienced guidance to help corporate and private equity clients effectively manage the complexities inherent in the transactions. Also, synchrony needs to seamlessly take place between the various elements of restructuring and/or financing commercial projects or companies to ensure:

  • Equitable negotiations that favour all parties
  • Meaningful analyses, reports, strategic advice and accurate valuations for good returns
  • Appropriate bids to gain competitive advantage
  • The right decisions are made to support acquisitions or divestments
  • Favourable purchase agreements and healthy profits
  • Skilful navigation of and support in dealing with any challenges, including post-merger
  • Transaction support to avoid success being undermined
  • That any frustrations are smoothed out
  • A resilient client relationship and base
  • That any unpleasant surprises and future legal actions are avoided

You’ll need advisors who are adept at dealing with all areas of transactions: who are on the alert for any pitfalls, flaws or errors in the process; who can ensure that all the legal boxes are ticked; who can take care of due diligence in the finance realm; and can also masterfully collaborate with your own team to manage and expedite all aspects of the corporate deals and commercial transactions that your organisation is undertaking.

Combined expertise and co-ordination of effort contributes to better teamwork and leaves less room for mistakes. Close collaboration and maintaining clear communication channels between all parties is also crucial for mitigating the risks that would otherwise arise due to team members or stakeholders operating in silos.

Our diversely skilled corporate deal advisors provide our national and multinational clients with key information at appropriate moments along the way to avoid information asymmetry, and ensure competitiveness and successful outcomes for all those concerned. Our specialists are well versed in deftly managing transactional projects and applying investment savvy in the most value-driven manner suited to each business case.

Whether the final composition of a business deal delivers fair to middling—or truly outstanding—returns depends on factors such as being able to tap into a rich network of functional and industry experts, contacts and investors such as those within our ecosystem; and applying to the transaction the kind of superlative strategic insights and long-lived situational experience that we possess.

You can rely on our operationally experienced team of experts to masterfully execute the right formulas and conjure up magical results, no matter what corporate finance transaction variables they are presented with.

We work to ensure that the combination of each essential ingredient in your unique corporate or commercial transaction constitutes a greater aggregate when the deal is closed.

Alchemists turn base metals into precious ones. Just as we’ve done for 500+ clients to date, we can work with you and your team to reveal and deliver the exceptional worth inherent in your organisation.

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