Bringing funding into your company can be a pivotal moment in driving the growth of the business. It’s likely to change your commitments and feelings – even your relationship with the business might change.

We will help design the appropriate capital structure using equity, debt or a combination of both.

Growth Funding

Are you ready for the next explosive stage for your business?

Like any important chemical reaction, there must be a catalyst of heat, or electricity to spark reaction and movement.

And in our laboratory of business alchemy, the catalyst we recommend is business growth funding.

And this is a catalyst sure to drive growth. Through sound and savvy design of capital structure, we can use equity, debt, or a combination of both to pin down the right investment and spark a growing phase.

What is Growth Funding?

But what is business growth funding, and what kinds of capital can be used to drive it?

It’s a given that any business may experience a lull in reactivity at certain points in its lifespan. This may be if operating cash flow diminishes to a point where getting that reaction to the next growth phase isn’t possible.

Some scenarios that may cause this insufficiency in cash as an incendiary growth starter, could come about when a business is entering new markets, expanding facilities, purchasing new equipment, or pursuing new opportunities in sales and marketing.

Regent Assay will advise on the following possible sources of business growth funding tinder, which we will touch spark to and get burning, in our business alchemy offering that drives your business growth:

Funding the acquisition of part or entirety of a business in your similar pillar. This drives growth through access to new products and services, new expertise in different markets, and access to these markets. Along with helping you with the acquisition through our buyside mandate, Regent Assay will help you secure the right funding for it.

Your wealth may very well be represented as your business. But much of that wealth is tied within it – locked in and effectively unreachable. Recapitalising via a partial sale of equity, is a good way to free funds to diversify your wealth, to help you retire, or even provide liquidity for your family. Regent Assay will design that liquidity strategy for you.

New opportunities for your business will drive growth. But new opportunities need capital.

Regent Assay will align your finances with the evolving changes of business today, so that your operations, and management, aren’t hindered in identifying and funding the opportunities that’ll push your business into the next growth phase.

In every instance of business alchemy, there must be a catalysing entity – and that’s Regent Assay.

We work closely with a trusted credit specialist to facilitate access to long-term unsecured debt finance that can be used to fund internal investments, buyouts and acquisitions.

Because this type of business growth funding can’t be applied for directly with the credit specialist, we’ll foresee the application on your behalf.

How Can I Get Funding to Grow My Business?

If you’re experiencing a slight doldrums in your business journey, financing growth to the next business phase is one of the most effective strategies for movement.

There are a few routes to go about securing new funding for growth, and these may include:

  • Investing your own money – it’s quick and easy, but not always viable
  • Loans – either informally or formally
  • Outside investments – sell a part of your business or shares to an outside investor

Each has its downsides and upsides, but each is effective in giving you the cash injection that will be the spark to a new growth phase. Regent Assay will help you design a capital structure that uses all forms of business growth funding, and using equity, debt, or a combination of both.

Are you ready for that spark?

Click here for more on Regent Assay’s small business growth funding – we’re poised to merge your chemistry with ours, to create business fusion in growth funding that will bring you benefit and success.

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