Regent Assay Corporate Finance is a unique mergers and acquisitions boutique firm looking after the corporate finance and advisory needs of a diversified portfolio of high-profile UK and international clients.

Corporate Financial Advisory

Running a business is a science – an adventure based on logic and analysis that leads to crystallisations, bonding and, sometimes, explosiveness. It has a lifecycle, too. Like all of the world’s most important energy events, business progression is based on a chain of circumstances that creates heat and momentum, to expand.

And you’re the whitecoat-clad chemist from which each business reaction or progression pops and sparks, and so your business grows.

The science can be volatile, though, and complex – and particularly that of corporate finance.

From mergers and acquisitions to strategic alliances, growth funding and more, it can be difficult controlling your business’s rapid reactive nature. But just with every potentially energised venture, a crucible is needed to control each eruptive moment in your business’s lifecycle.

Regent Assay is your corporate finance and advisory crucible. We create business alchemy by alloying the compounds and structures of your organisation to our expertise, within a controlled space – with global market readiness as the objective.

What is Corporate Finance and Advisory?

Regent Assay’s corporate finance and advisory services provide an array of solutions to the complex problems that meet business owners as they move through business lifecycles.

Our advisory methodologies will empower you with the strategic competencies and experience in each of these potential business transactions:

From planning, sourcing, negotiating, and finally, transaction completion, our specialists will take you through each acquisition evolution.

The key here is to undergo a transaction that will not only drive growth but will align with your overall business strategy and vision. Let us position you as the buyer, assess target financials, determine terms and conditions, and finally conduct due diligence and the relevant legal processes

Selling your business – your brainchild and very livelihood – can be a very emotionally-charged matter.

We’ll guide you deftly through the maelstrom of internal and external transitions, so that you can focus on the continued day-to-day functioning of your organisation.

And because our partners each have vast experience in their given sectors, you’ll know your business is being represented by competent, industry specialists at all times.

Undertaking financial transactions that promote business growth is pivotal to the health of your business.

By using equity, debt or a combination of both, we’ll help you design a capital structure that will lead to the best investments for your business.

Key partnerships are the best way to grow your business’s potential and are critical for the effective expansion and growth of your enterprise.

With our expertise, knowledge and industry experience, we can help you identify the best fit for your acquisition roadmap.

Often, the best thing you can do to establish your business legacy is to relinquish control over its operation.

If you’re looking to sell your business, or a portion of it, whether it be because you want to move on, retire or leave the industry, rely on our divestment know-how to make the transaction seamless and profitable.

Also know as MBI or MBO, this is a way for you to relinquish control of your enterprise to the few you know will take it to new growth phases and, at the same time, honour your business vision and legacy.

We’ll advise on fair and robust negotiations, with full sensitivity and support for all parties involved in the transaction.

Are you looking to take your business into new industry sectors, new channel opportunities and new stratospheres of growth?

Strategic alliances – the arrangement between two or more businesses in pursuit of new and industry-defining objectives – is an effective way to build business partnerships and drive growth.

We’ll help you identify the most lucrative options and establish strategies for achieving new business objectives.

Since the day you opened your doors, the eventual vision for your business was to relinquish the reigns.

Whether to deserving family, or your trusted management team, the time will come for you to step aside so your business may have the opportunity to achieve even higher realms of success.

Whatever the reason – buy-out, acquisition, liquidation or even just so that your business stays in competent hands and remains a manifestation of your legacy – when you’re ready to exit, we have experience and competencies in the strategies that will make the transaction smooth, and highly profitable.

At Regent Assay, we create business alchemy. Let us fuse our financial advisory with your business growth, for chemistry that creates success.

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