Selling your business, and achieving your life’s work creates both highs and lows – whether you’re selling your business, passing it on to family or your business partners.

Our approach is designed to minimise our clients exposure to stress and risk.

Company Sale

Ever since your very first sale, retainer, or contract – since you first opened doors – your ultimate goal has most likely been to relinquish the reins. To sell your business.

This is a weighty matter, though. A personal endeavour that must be handled with care, smarts and modicum of respect and sensitivity.

Because this endeavour is volatile in two ways – first, your business is an adventure you’ve lent time, energy, money and of course, sweat and tears to. You’ve taken your business through test tube phase, reactive growth, and then explosive profitability. Selling is as much a personal journey as one that’s become a necessity.

Second, you want all that chemistry you’ve created, to keep boiling, bubbling and popping, toward the next reactive phase in your business’s life – the continued growth toward the legacy you’ve always envision, but without you.

So, as you plan your exit, and leave your business in the capable hands of a knowing family member or business partner, Regent Assay will help you minimise your stress, for an easy exit that’s profitable.

What is the Best Way to Sell a Business?

What’s best way to go about entering into a company sale? Let’s break it down:

Before a sale can be negotiated, the journey from interest to ink on paper must be meticulously mapped.

The story of our business alchemy can be applied. We’ll join you for one last reactive objective, to sell your business through our step-by-step advisory process and business sale advice and set you and your business on respective paths to continued growth.

This is our 5-step mantra to a company sale that benefits all involved:

Prospective buyers will seek this number first. They’ll use it to determine whether your business’s value, added to theirs, may create the business alchemy they, in turn, seek. An easy rule of thumb is that a business is always worth a certain multiple of its profit. That may differ, depending on size and market, but it’s a relatively reliable formulaic approach.

When it comes to the numbers, no obfuscation, no smoke and mirrors, must be near the deal. Your business will be valued on its profit, so precise financials must be disclosed, like profit and loss statements. It’s time to bare all, show your business’s inner workings to the market, and show it with pride.

Business 101 – the science of marketing. Get your business in front of potential buyers as soon as you can.

It’s a matter of opening your business operations and financial standing up to the probing eyes of others. But it’s a matter that shouldn’t feel too invasive. If you’ve put together honest and clear financials, there’s nothing to be worried about. So, let your buyer verify the numbers you’ve concluded – and never fear, Regent is here to facilitate, and make it easy for all.

Finally, the deal is closed. And Regent Assay will still be there, to help you celebrate, and then start handing over.

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How do you Negotiate the Sale of a Business

One last thing, though. What about that final number?

It’s a vital part of the chemistry that will yield success.

And it’s a part of the business alchemy between you and your seller, and of course, you and Regent. We’ll help you determine the number that’ll suit all parties. Here’s how:

Know your buyer, and perhaps their reason for buying. Then let them do their due diligence in a candid environment. It’ll open the forum up to trustful and fair negotiations for all.

Set your starting offer first, then work to your ideal number. If things go too far beyond there, it’s okay to walk away from the deal.

As the seller, you’ll want the terms of a deal to be clearly and pointedly detailed. There are a few that may come up, like how will the payout happen? What are the futures of the employees left behind? Is the sale structured around an earnout, and how will that be going ahead?

The sale of your business, and your exit from it, can be emotional, reactive, and even fiery. But with us, and our sound business alchemy, it’ll never be chaotic. We’ll help you determine how to sell, who to sell to, when to sell, the value of your business, negotiations for a beneficial deal, and then deal structure and a profitable sale.

Contact us today  – merge your business chemistry with ours, and through business alchemy, we’ll finalise a sale that’s lucrative, and worthy of your business legacy.

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