Our consulting team work with owners to ensure that the Company is sold for the maximum value by ensuring that all risks have been mitigated and all opportunities to add value have been explored.

Business Valuation Consulting

Much of a business’s journey is comprised of a series of explosive events. Hypotheses to drive growth are drawn, laid out and executed. Then the reactions happen – rapid expansion, new channels, movement between industries and pillars, new ownerships, transitions, and transactions both internal and external form business bonds, and soon the molecular structure of your organisation has fundamentally changed.

There may be a stage in this series of growth points that will lead to the ultimate catalyst – one that should see your enterprise move beyond your ownership projection, and into the realm of becoming your legacy: the sale of your business.

Since day one, it’s most likely been your goal to eventually sell your brainchild, and the first step toward profitability and success in a business sale, is the valuation of your organisation. We provide comprehensive services in business valuation consulting, to get total clarity on your business’s true worth both for now, and its potential future value.

What are Business Valuation Services?

Our consulting objective is to ensure that, whether you’re looking to sell your business, or are seeking its potential worth for a future sale, you sell for its maximum value.

This we accomplish by mitigating risks and making certain all opportunities that will add to its inevitable value, are explored, entertained, and implemented.

Our process of valuation – our expertise with your business success – runs a process that:

  • Provides clarity around a business’s true value today and potential future value
  • Instils an investor lens mindset in the owner to curb unpleasant surprises at sale time
  • Encourages owners to move speedily through transactions

Valuation Consulting – The Melting Pot to a Successful Sale

It’s a melting pot, indeed. Because into this process, like the elements of an important mixture, are instilled ingredients for a profitable sale – the blending of our expertise with your unique selling points, that results in the invigoration of your business’s value.

Here’s how we do it:

We’ll assess your situation and produce a plan.

This is the melding of our expertise with your unique selling points, to enable us to assess your business in terms of the relevant risks and accelerators that pertain, your intention and visions for what you want to achieve with the sale, your business’s value now, and its future potential value.

We’ll then take the exercise further, by creating a roadmap for your business sale. This with the ultimate objective to accelerate growth organically or by the acquisition, prepare your business for full or partial exit, and strategise to optimise future profits.

We will then be able to implement our business alchemy with yours by providing you with the components for a successful sale, and to achieve your desired outcome.

These components include:

  • Coaching, consultancy, workshops
  • Designing strategic growth plans
  • Strategic support at board level

And so the ultimate business transactions will then be achieved – through our stellar combined experience of owning and running businesses, we’ll be able to advise on ensuring maximum equity value for your business, when you’re looking to sell.

The M in V = P x M

In valuating your business, it’s about the multiple – the value of your business assets, and how to appreciate your company’s worth from a buyer’s perspective.

Your assets are classified as anything that has value and can be converted to cash – real estate, your operating equipment and even your stock or inventory. The merit of it is tallied, and from that is drawn a final worth estimate.

Most prospective sellers, though, aren’t aware of the valuation = profit x multiple, directive. We’ll share our lofty experience with your business, and through this blend prove your organisation’s value, so that when it’s time to sell, you’re proud of what you’ve built, and are excited for the legacy you’ve envisioned.

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