”ASSESS” determines the optimum path for a company to maximise its opportunities, minimise its risks and influence positively the multiple achieved on sale.

What is Regent Assay's ASSESS?

ASSESS is a consultancy programme developed by Regent Assay to help Companies maximise value.

The proprietary tool and methodology has been developed in conjunction with industry specialists to provide a framework that is applicable to all companies at whichever stage they are in their journey. Our methodology determines what areas need attention to ensure best practices are adopted.

We partner with accountants, lawyers, HR consultants, change consultants, Market Research and Technical specialists if clients have any specific areas that need added external expertise in the current business. We remain the lead Project Manager for such assignments.

  • An understanding of the current value of the business and the drivers of equity value.
  • Identifying any risks in the business and developing a plan for mitigating the risks.
  • Identifying the opportunities in the business for enhancing the “multiple”.
  • Demerging strategies for developing these to improve the equity valuation for the business.
  • Presenting a recommending a road map (including a series of projects) to enable the shareholders to achieve an exit at the time and value which meets their expectations.

Our 3-Phased Approach

Regent Assay has fully developed specific offerings to help clients.  These typically fall into three phases, depending where the client is on their business journey.

We work with clients to assess their current situation, producing an ASSESS. The assessment gathers all relevant data that will enable us to assess ‘the business’ in terms of its valuation today, the risks and accelerators that sit in the business, the desires and intentions of the business owners and its eventual potential valuation.

The ASSESS is a co-created roadmap for your business to:

  • Return to growth, accelerate growth organically or by acquisition
  • Prepare it for full or partial exit
  • Strategise to optimise future profits

The plan also aligns the equity legacy with a clearly articulated business vision. We are then able to provide you and your team with help and advice to meet your stated goals.  We work with CEOs, business owners and senior management across all sectors to provide the vital foundations to achieve your outcomes, such as;

  • Business coaching, consultancy, workshops, strategic retreats, training, facilitation and mentoring
  • Design and implementation of strategic growth plans
  • Strategic business support at CEO and board level
  • Asset identification to increase investor valuation
  • Culture Integration Systems

Our corporate finance teams combine experience of owning and running a business with the process of maximising equity value for middle market business owners.

ASSESS Seminars

Want to find out more about how an ASSESS could help your business?

Come to one of our interactive ASSESS seminars to discover how ASSESS can maximise your business value.

ASSESS seminars