Finding the right business to buy or partner with can be challenging. Our extensive acquisition / partner search experience & global networks allow us to streamline this process for you.

Acquisition / Partner search

The collaboration of like-minded entities has always been an effective driver of change.

In particular, it’s the perfect representation of business alchemy.

Deal sourcing, as a collaboration tool to drive business growth, is a method to identify key strategic partners in which to cultivate that so lucrative form of collaboration.

But, like with any successful chemical reaction, the elements must align.

Regent Assay will facilitate this alignment by identifying the perfect fit for your acquisition, joint venture, or strategic partnership. And with everything in perfect flux, the investment opportunities most likely to spur growth will follow.

What is an acquisition / partner search?

But what are those elements to the most lucrative and equally beneficial deal sourcing/partner search undertaking? Let’s get into it here:

Deal sourcing is the alchemical reaction that, through partnerships with other businesses or like-minded individuals, will unlock the full potential of your organisation and activate new growth phases.

This is all about building the right relationship. But just as vital, it’s about using the right tools to find that poised potential investor – the one ready to embrace business alchemy and spark your business expansion.

Regent Assay can help in facilitation. With our suite of data tools, deal sourcing is made convenient and fast – we’ll help you interpret the analytics assigned to specific companies as potential partners in your business wheelhouse.

Are you looking to find the perfect partnering? Ask us how.

How does an acquisition / partner search work?

Deal sourcing and partner search is somewhat of a science.

A partner with a vision for business alchemy, and organisational expansion will mean a private equity injection for your business. Growth is inevitable as a result.

The science is subtle though, because not only would it behove you to approach entities with much the same operational and business vision as you, but it would mean that this part of business growth must also fit snugly into your mergers and acquisitions strategy.

Within that strategy, your business has a need. Apart from capital, the need is to evolve – to find opportunities to move into areas not yet explored, either by traversing your regular market channels into the new and the different – to expose your unique selling points and products to new clients – or by merging with experts in new areas that may bring you business value.

Through deal sourcing and partner search, Regent Assay will locate the potential partnership that will create value for your business, promote expansion, and fulfil a missing need in your business. And with the introduction of that new knowhow, we’ll help give you the solution that will bring your business from stagnation to dynamism once again.

Business Alchemy Via the Deal and Partnership

Again, deal sourcing and partner search is an embodiment – a perfect conceptual realisation – of our narrative of creating business alchemy for the betterment of business.

But again, alchemy is a chemical reaction, and chemistry is a scientific undertaking.

We have the method, objective, apparatus and formula for you, though, to bring deal sourcing and partner finding into your business playbook.

Our market intelligence in the sourcing of the best fit in partnership for you and your business, can be broken down into the following plan. Regent Assay will help you:

  • Analyse the market
  • Spot trends
  • Match and compare potential investor partners
  • Make a list of potential investor partners
  • Broker investment deals that will spark a reaction to business growth

Contact us now for more on our deal sourcing/ partner search directive . When like-minded entities partner to bring change to the normal, the result is often monumental. We’ll help you bring that kind of change to your business, to drive growth.

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